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  • Largest Land Purchase: Monument was sold to Alex Harbinger in early July. Monument was quickly renamed to Eden, its current name.
    *Largest owned Private Island Chain:By Fi Folland with 5 islands. Eutopia, Eden, Epic, Krakatoa and London Town.
    *Tallest Building: The Nexus.Citadel in Opera, at 606 meters from base to top.
    *Largest collection of TSL Snapshots: By Daniel Voyager with 6, 815 snapshots.


  • Fastest time from 0-10,000 meters:  Achieved by FoXxfire12 Thatcher, using X-Virus Platinum at 2 seconds.
    *Fastest time to travel to every sim on the teen grid set by Daniel Voyager on March 13th 2008 at 3hrs and 10mins.



  • First usable public web-based client: By Katharine Berry, AjaxLife.
    * First owned Private Island Chain: By Alex Harbinger, Eden and Alcove. Which was closely caught up to by Puck Rinkitink with Leviathan and Civitas.
    * First Orbit-anywhere: by Astro Condor aka, Krypt Hax, Aka Failedscience. Orb anywhere is the orbit that works around push restrictions.
    * First HUD mall catalog system: by Switch Spectre, the Volo Catalog.
    * First Army: Black Fire Army
    * First Teen Grid Furry Community: Furry Plateau founded in 2005 by Reggie Clifton.


  • Oldest Teen Grid resident person ever, Geeky Skidoo. See Picture.
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