These are some locations and settings throughtout Teen SL. These are Teen Grid locations, not Main Grid locations. Only locations that have made an impact to the teen community should be listed.

  • Behemoth - The sim of a Teen Grid founder (Malarthi Behemoth) that contains trees and is a pristine wilderness, away from urban development, for residents to enjoy.
  • Cascade - A mall formerly owned by Tin Bling and now owned by Alex Harbringer (name changed to Mega Mall Cascade). It is based in the Cascade snow simulator.
  • Dougall - Public stage of Teen Second Life and TSL Events Club
  • Old City Sims - The Teen Grid city sims (Loki, Hippoden, Ni, and Hyperion)
  • TG Bay City Sims - 20 regions added to the TSL Mainland in May 2008.
  • Furry Plateau - An Extremely popular furry hangout Founded, owned, and operated by Reggie Clifton, Phox Sillanpaa, and Nicelus Borrelly and also with a handful of staff and builders. It has changed locations several times, but is now located in its own sim Furry Plateau.
  • FurNation - A furry hangout on the Teen Grid, taking up the space of about 3/8 of the sim Okarthel. It has existed for a good time now.
  • Mecca - First private island on the Teen Grid, owned by Tin Bling. Was remade in October (Pretty sure), by TSL residents, Aesop Thatch and Dolus Naumova
  • Eden - Formerly the Monument by Levi Wilberg, Now redesigned and renamed Eden. Owned by Alex Harbinger.
  • Leviathan - A private island sim owned by Puck Rinkitink.
  • Spectrum Plaza - Now gone, it was the Teen Grid's first and largest apartment building/mall. Owned by Quin Marlin.
  • Sandboxes - There are currently four island sandboxes on the Teen Grid.
  • Snow Sims (TG) - The first snow sims on the Teen Grid made a large impact.
  • The Black Sun - The first club on the Teen Grid, by David Gall, Darknet Mendicant, and Aesop Thatch.
  • The Coffee Scene - The very first and most popular hangout during early TG beta. Featured events hosted by Lindens such as Trivia. Located in Tolkien.
  • The Nix Bazaar - A place where you can donate and receive many Teen Grid freebies by TonyH Wrangler and Daniel Voyager
  • Unreal Vicinity - Unreal used to be a group collaboration selling Dayton devices, clothing, and Avani furniture. After changing locations, it soon became a private island (Unreal), owned by Brooke Barmy (along with Ryan Dayton). Now, the island has been sold/given control to Switch Spectre.
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