With regard to the snide and non-factual comment, "This wiki is going to be useless if people cannot distinguish between things that are actually in Second Life from things that exist in their own mind" -- CORE™ does indeed exist in Second Life, not only as a physical location with a prim temple and other "artifacts", but also as a Second Life group and as a mindset of some users in Second Life. Furthermore, CORE™ is based on real objects (relative to SL), real people, and the real history of Second Life; thus it does not just "exist in one's own mind". --PhilMetalhead 05:18, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

Indeed. I agree that this wiki is becoming useless, but that's largely due to over-zealous editors who cannot distinguish between the roleplay reality of Second Life and the mythical standard of versimilitude that exists in their own minds. (See also Otenth Paderborn, who is most assuredly a Duke in Caledon.) I've been to the CORE™ headquarters in SL myself, and I applaud their efforts. —Samantha Poindexter 06:20, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

Do people not comprehend the word world? Or the words Virtual Environment? virtual world? Not to get too heavy into spiritually but my spirit lives a parallel life in different worlds. I am real. What makes me real? The body I inhabit or the being that I am??? Some people believe it is my being , who i am not what I am at any given moment. I exist , and I take me where ever i go.... virtual or not..... I am what I am ... essentially my essence ... me. If you believe in soul/spirit than you might also believe that my soul/spirit is not dependent on someone else's reality nor is it restricted by any so called reality. I am co creator of my reality and as such I live beyond the boundaries others choose to live within. Do not jump to negative conclusion or other foolishness, there is a responsibility to all that exist when you live this way..... as a co creator I am required to be a care taker ...... Life is a subjective interpretation based on the experiential viewpoint of the participant. I am Ivy Lane, The Chosen One of Ruth, in the reality called Second Life that exists by a collective consciousness of it's residents.

Hail Ruth and may your SL day be lag free!