Stipends are a certain allowance of money paid weekly (on Tuesday) to residents in L$. Until May 29, 2006, Basic Account residents would receive L$50 per week but new basic account residents born/created after this date no longer receive a stipend. Those basic accounts that still recieve a stipend are required to login at least once a week to recieve the stipend for that week. Premium Accounts created before July 21st, 2006, receive a weekly allowance of L$500 and do not have to login to recieve their stipend. Any Premium account created after July 21st but before November 1st receives L$400 per week, while Premium accounts created after November 1st receive a stipend of L$300 per week.

Stipend Amounts

The table below details what weekly stipend will be given to Basic and Premium accounts which were created within the dates specified.

Account created within Basic Premium
(unknown) - 2006-05-28 L$50 (*) L$500
2006-05-29 - 2006-07-20 L$0 L$500
2006-07-21 - 2006-10-31 L$0 L$400
2006-11-01 - current L$0 L$300

(*) - Per weeks on which the account is logged in.

Previously, resident stipends would recieve bonuses from things like ratings (given by others) and some leader board standings (such as amount of calling cards collected).


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