Ahern WA - Stage 4 - 2-24-05

Stage 4 in Ahern at the old Welcome Area

Stage4 was a small area were many events were held. It consisted of four "pie" peices, three of which were for seating and one that acted as a small stage. Behind the small stage was a picture display that anyone could drag images onto and one could cycle through the images. Stage4 was part of the Welcome Area located in Ahern, Stage4 itself was actualy broken up across four different sims (leading to its name), this allowed for many people to get together at the location. Stage4 was broken up into Ahern, Morris, Bonifacio, and Dore, most landmarks to Stage4 were given from Dore however. Stage4 was eventualy deleted during the renovation of the Welcome Area and was actualy located where the water fountain of the current WA stands.

Similar "Stages" can be seen in Plum and DeHaro.