The Special Forces of TSL is a Special Task force constructed from the ashes of the Sharpshooters and the old Ragnarok Army. Currently they are some of the top pioneers in weapons development, with a leaders consisting of a scripter and builder. A good example of the advancement being the AMP Electron Cannon. Although still in its infancy, SFTSL is active within the aid and assistance of the Valkyrie Alliance. They are currently neutral with every other militant group on the Teen Grid and will declare enemies only when it is needed. Commanded by Rendar Blackadder and Zacky Picnic.

The only base currently owned is the SFTSL Appalachian outpost in Appalachia. A new bigger base is planned to be constructed when the primary land doner gets his account back.


SFTSL believes in quick strikes and invasive manuevers rather than full on assaults (staying true to the special forces theme). Also, the leaders themselves have been against New Rome and everything it stands for from the very beginning, but have decided to leave these thoughts outside of the group until Rome officially makes a move against them.