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Sparta is a military group in Second Life located in Second Chance.

Sparta Was led by Bruno Ziskey, who sought to create a military roleplay group that does not grief and that competes against other groups abiding by STABLE. It was originally started by Ares Artizar, who had one goal - which was to destroy the Alliance Navy(AN). Ares began to recruit others who would fight the AN but concealed the group, making its status unofficial. However, Bruno Ziskey saw that this destructive behavior was irrational because the Alliance Navy is not evil. Bruno removed Ares Artizar from power and moved Sparta to be an official combat group. Years passed and Sparta fell. Seeing their home turn to nothing but pebbles and dust Snake Barbarossa and Ultra Sorbet vowed to rebuild it and create a better Sparta, a stronger Sparta, a new home, to defend and protect.

Back Story

It is an alternate universe, the year is 3125, where the people of Sparta have been exiled from Earth after a long and terrible war with the other nations of Earth. Forced into exile, the Spartans left in a fleet of giant spaceships, but not before making one last show of power: In leaving Earth, Sparta tore Mt. Olympus from the ground, and turned it into their mothership. For decades the Spartans travelled the cosmos, seeking a new planet to call their own. They found one, similiar to Earth, which the Spartans christened New Sparta. Mt. Olympus, finally landed on New Sparta, now serves as the main area that New Sparta's capitol city, Sparta II, now resides. In having colonized this new world, the Spartans prospered; not warring anymore, but instead living in peace.

However, this peace was to be short-lived. The united governments of Earth decided that Sparta was still too great a threat, and feared that they would one day return to wreck terrible vengeance upon the planet that had forced it out. To alleviate their fears, the people of Earth have sent a multi-national space force to hunt down and destroy the Spartans. At the head of this mighty fleet is the Ordo Imperialis, known for their Imperial Roman rule, and sworn enemies to Sparta. It seemed that there would be no warning to Sparta, no way for the now peaceful people to know of this incoming death. However, there was a faction in Earth's governments that decided to side with the Spartans, with others joining them. Among these factions were the Alliance Navy and the 39th MTHF, both deciding to come to Sparta's aid. They sent a sub-spacial communication to the Spartans, telling them to flee, to leave.

However peaceful they had been, the Spartans were not defenseless, and were not about to run. Despite the huge numerical advantage of the incoming Earth Fleet, the Spartan King Bruno Ziskey decided that Sparta would not go down without a fight. The Spartans would win or die on their feet. With the help of their allies the AN and 39th, they may be able to win. However, Sparta needs new citizens, new bodies to fight this invader.