The DanCoyote ZeroG SkyDancers is live performance group which combines many aspects of Second Life technologies into stunning viual and audio performances.


In mid 2006 new resident DanCoyote Antonelli envisioned a completely new art form in Second Life, the Hyperformalist live peformance.

Based on this vision he created the ZeroG SkyDancers and recruited other residents interested in bringing performance to the next level in Second Life.

By combining choreographed dancers, cutting edge attachments and original music DanCoyote set the standard for live performances.

The routines include dancers moving in practiced patterns while wearing attachements which create synchronized visual effects. Typically performed in darkened venues, the sky dancers remain generally invisible throughout their performances.

The resultant effect of combining audio, visual and movement effects has been universally acclaimed by audiences throughout Second Life.

Sky Dancers

Original Troupe: Anhinga Chaika, Deborah Strangelove, Krittle Kolache, Chaos Koala, Ranma Cure, Kokoro Fasching

Krittle, Chaos and Ranma left for other opportunities after the first round of performances. Kokoro continued through the second round of performances and remains on the roster but is not currently flying.

Additional Dancers: Callipygian Christensen, Queue Marlowe, Tatiana Kurri, Angelique Menoptra, Lina Lagoes, Buffy Beale, Pielady Smalls

Creative and Technical Contributions


Original attachments created by Sabine Stonebender




  • Third Anniversary of Second Life
  • ZeroOne/ISEA/New West Exhibit (San Jose Museum of Art)
  • Sudo (Frye Musem/Bumbershoots-Seattle)
  • NMC
  • IBM Opening



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