The shooting gallery was a purple and blue carnival themed gun-shooting attraction present in the Ahern Welcome Area.

Residents could obtain a free 'Revolver' and shoot at various targets, including an array of 5 yellow smiley faces which fell when hit, a couple of soup cans on a table, and floating balloons which were randomly rezzed from a scoreboard, and would pop on impact.

There used to be some kind of spinny thing you could shoot at as well, but it relied on hinges and was often broke or missing. For a short time there were a few critters in the back which would topple over and make a sound when hit, but they did not get moved with the shooting gallery when it was relocated next to the lake. The shooting gallery was relocated to the lake after constant complaints of "incidents" with users shooting up the Welcome Area, as well as the noises the shooting gallery and guns would produce.