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Secondcast, as hosted by Johnny Ming, was a podcast focused on current events as well as roundtable discussion regarding Second Life. It premiered on February 2, 2006, and ran for a total of 63 episodes. Secondcast was officially cancelled on the 30th of October 2007, Many sited the cancellation due to the fact that all Regular Contributors were hired, or joined one of the two dominant "Virtual Development" companies, The Electric Sheep Company or Millions Of Us.

It was believed that due to their responsibilities at one of the two companies, the contributors ended up with less and less time for the podcast, which eventually lead to it's demise. As of April 2010, None of the contributors have currently retained their employment with either company, and many of the contributors have left the grid altogether, Torrid Midnight of TorridWear is the most notable example, having left the MidnightCity simulator, and currently shares retail space with another content creator.

The podcast at times, tended to meander from long-winded diatribes to stinging one liners, from humorous anecdotes about SL culture to serious meta-discussions on issues such as virtual worlds, online privacy, and technological viability. Episodes usually featured one or two prominent guests, and ran for an average of 40-60 minutes.

All podcast episodes are available for download via the RezNation website.

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