Second Opinion was the official newsletter of Second Life that most likely began in 2002, and continued until 2007. Its archives were removed from the Second Life web site, but the Wayback Machine captured many of them.

Volume 1
Issue Newsletter
6 April 1, 2003 Wedding: Lynnix Muse and Charlie Omega; Game: Super Lag Ball; Featured Resident: Xavier VonLenard; Clothing and skin templates introduced
7 April 24, 2003 Public beta; Phaylen Fairchild's Alice game; Featured Resident: Dave Zeeman; themed sims; Rizal sports; Misnomer Jones and Wednesday Grimm make a burger bazooka
8 July 9, 2003 SL goes live; Time capsule; new Olive sandbox; Alien blimp abductions
9 August 5, 2003 Aircraft; Grid and economy statistics; D&D Dogs; Fall fashions; Affiliate program
10 September 9, 2003 Burning Life; Machinima and SL Movie Contest; Lee Linden and SL sports at Rizal; Featured Resident: Hikaru Yamamoto
11 October 22, 2003 SL 1.1 and Telehubs; LindenWorld park; Cory Doctorow visits; Featured Resident: Washu Zebrastripe; Evie Fairchild's vacation resort
12 May 15, 2004 Top 10 reasons to join SL: Clothing optional parties, inworld instruments, sports, terraforming, erotic poetry, GOM, offline IM, XML-RPC, vehicles, $9.95/month
Volume 2
Issue Newsletter
5 July 28, 2004 Snow sims introduced; New Moves for a New World features user animation uploads; SL Game Developer’s Competition
6 September 7, 2004 Prim Attack game; Live Help introduced; New mainland regions; Real life political campaigns
7 October 15, 2004 Referral program promotion
8 October 28, 2004 Linden Lab gets capital from Omidyar and Benchmark, Bill Gurley enters; Fall fashion; Classified highlights; more US real life electioneering; outside blog links
9 November 24, 2004 SL for Mac OS X out of beta; Games highlight; yet more electioneering
10 December 20, 2004 Winter Festival; SL Exchange; Dark Life RPG
Volume 3
Issue Newsletter
1 January 19, 2005 Bedazzle's Chinatown; Dark Life update; Linden Lab at GDC 2005; promotion
2 March 3, 2005 Tringo; More GDC; Game SLave wiki; Chinatown goes live
3 April 1, 2005 Featured Resident: Chip Midnight; Cristiano Midnight's Snapzilla; Version 1.6 and parcel media; GDC wrap up
4 May 5, 2005 Private detectives in world; Numbakulla adventure game; Animation upload how-to
5 June 7, 2005 Version 1.7 with integrated web browser; Hair promotion; Cory on hiring at LL
6 July 7, 2005 SL2B and free basic account promotion; Video Linden simulcasts; Cory Doctorow makes another visit
7 August 17, 2005 Teen Second Life opens; Referral program; SL Game Developer Contest '05
8 September 20, 2005 missing from archive
9 October 26, 2005 More on 1.7; First SLCC in New York; Halloween events; Thomas P.M. Barnett visits; Referral pot sweetened; Trailer contest
February 15, 2006 Linden Lab arts fellowship; Name Dropping: Toy LaFollette, Tateru Nino; Banning procedure and blotter; How to make a HUD; LL defends early policy on "Impeach Bush" signs
March 22, 2006 Teen Second Life anniversary; Marvin for H2G2 film prototyped in SL; Name Dropping: The Sojourner, Xandi Mars, Michael Martinez; 'Intolerance' in Community Standards; Inventory management; Defending stipend reductions; Letters
April 22, 2006 Radio Linden launch; Teen island owners; Name Dropping: Travis Lambert, [umar Morgan, Mera Pixel; 'Indecency' in Community Standards; Eventful; defending end of Dwell event, and rating incentives
May 23, 2006 Third anniversary; Fellowship winners; Teen events; Name Dropping: Seronis Zagato, Sara Bachman; Regina Spektor visits; 'Harassment' in Community Standards; Low prim building tips; Second Life Views launched; Letters
June 24, 2006 SLCC 2006; San Jose Museum of Art calls for virtual works; Teen education; Name Drpping: Selaras Partridge, Ginny Gremlin; American Apparel in SL; 'Assault' in Community Standards; Machinima tips; defending free anonymous accounts
July 25, 2006 Movie trailer contest; Relay for Life; Teen Grid Fly-over; Name Dropping: Angel Fluffy, SL3B thanks; Second Life Developer University; 'Disturbing the peace' in Community Standards; Version 1.11 and snapshot preview; In-word resident press
September 26, 2006 Movie trailer winners; Developer resources; Featured Resident: Ming Chen of TSL; Name Dropping: in world groups; AL as real life architecture tool; 'Disclosure' in Community Standards; Tips: miscellaneous viewer features; defending the closure of SL forums; Letters
October 27, 2006 Burning Life; Call for international volunteers; Teen SL tour continued; Name Dropping: Effsey Nelson, Jason Zeno, GoAngel Sonic, Lola North; Neo-Realms Fishing; Alts and griefing; Account security; Compromised grid passwords and database
November 27, 2006 In world hunger campaign; TSL highlights; Name Dropping; Scarlett Bessie; Jnana in SL; Support changes; Snapshot tips; More on support changes
December 11, 2006 Winter festival; TSL highlight; Name Dropping: Aura Lily, Pantera Asturias; Infinite Vision Media; upcoming governance changes; Video tutorials; defending free accounts again; Letters
January 31, 2007 Open source viewer; Yak building contest for Save The Children; DMCA; Name Dropping: Barnzy Soyer, Baal Zobel, Jade Steele; Reduced Linden appearances in world; Letters
February 28, 2007 Radio Linden replaced by a podcast; Fraud in world; Name Dropping: Malarthi Behemoth, Katharine Berry; In world education listngs; Letters
May 21, 2007 SL4B; Plan to hand off abuse reports to estates; Name Dropping: Second Life Helpers group; Defending support and bug reporting systems; Letters
July 30, 2007 Multiple Sclerosis Fly; Name Dropping: SL4B organizers; Defending the voice feature; Letters