The following page lists various points you should know before reading this wiki for the first time.

Legal statements

  • This wiki, "Second Life Wikia", is a public wiki hosted by Wikia, and is not endorsed, affiliated, associated, or supported by Linden Lab in any way.
  • This wiki is not official. The official Second Life wiki is located at

Content statements

  • This wiki, can be edited by any user, regardless of his service membership in Second Life. Therefore, for example, if you see "John Smith" has created page "The Smiths", it is not verified and true that the owner of the virtual account "John Smith" has created that page.
  • All logos on this site of Linden Lab, Second Life, Linden Research or Teen Second Life are only used to illustrate the subject in question.
  • Photos taken from Flickr are either lawfully licensed, or uploaded by their respective owners, causing them to be available to be used by the wiki. However, reusing on another site, even if retrieved from the web server hosting this web site and not reuploaded, is not allowed.
  • Nothing here is sourced and verified like in Wikipedia. Therefore, it is possible content on this web site is not fully true.
  • Although this wiki is not Encyclopedic-dry, please try to write neatly and proof-read before you submit to prevent typos and grammar errors. Using spell checkers like dictionaries in Firefox is recommended, and grammar checkers like in Safari are highly recommended.


Note: This section is still under construction.

Is everything on Second Life Wikia up-to-date/true?

No. As written above, information on Second Life Wikia is not cited and verified like in Wikipedia, and therefore, it may not be true. If you find a detail is not true in an article, feel free to correct it, but note and follow the above rules when doing so.