What's this all about then?

A wiki is a website that everyone can edit, and this one is about Second Life. If you don't know what SL is, this is a good place to start learning about it.

You mean I can write on this website?

Well, to prevent spam, this wiki can only be edited by registered users. Go on and create an account--it's free, takes 30 seconds, and you have nothing to lose. :)

I'm new. Can I still help?

Welcome to our wiki then!

Even if you do not yet know a thing about Second Life, your contributions will be very welcome. You don't need to read everything on the website to fix a simple typo or add an interesting link.

Are there any rules?

If you're familiar with editing Wikipedia, you will know how to edit this one. Cite sources, maintain a Neutral Point of View, do not use this to promote yourself or your business. For a basic overview, see Help:Contents. If there's something you're wondering about that isn't covered on that page, you can add the question to the "Discussion" (in the top tabs) page for it or to this page. Thank you!

What sort of things are welcome here?

Everything! Write first; ask questions later.

We're nice people; we won't yell at you if you make a mistake. We can always fix it ourselves--wikis store every version ever made of every webpage on the whole website.

Ok, I'm ready to make a small contribution--where can I start?

Learn about wiki syntax. One thing that is always needed here is... maintenance!

I want to do something more interesting than maintenance

You're welcome to write about yourself! Write about your projects, your store, interesting places you've seen. Expand short pages, create wanted pages. For info/inspiration, search the forums (or Google), or talk to older residents.