How You Can Help

Some editing tips:

  • This is SL, not RL, this doesn't need to be in a dry encyclopediac style. This being said, people do want to use this as a reference source for information. So make sure that the snark to signal ratio stays within bounds.
  • SL is a fantasy land, but a shared one. If you can't point to other sources that bear at least passing resemblence to what you are saying, don't say it.
  • Second Life wiki is not After life wiki, avoid predictions and descriptions of things that haven't been done yet.
  • Wikify, wikify, wikify... create internal links with [[ ]], add Categories with [[Category: ]]. Example: [[Category:People]] adds an article to the People category.
  • Add images, then link them with [[Image: ]] use the right or left to place them. For larger images size them with the px attribute. For example: [[Image:Lillie_Yifu_02.jpg|right|200px]] makes the image go to the right, flows text around it, and makes it 200 pixels wide and height to match.
  • Use wiki table or html tables, not --- or +++ or other character based objects.
  • If talking about a military group that engages in combat, and not just roleplay, create articles for their main opponents, places where combat is held.
  • Add external web site links about a person or organization when you can.