The Second Life Views program is a series of meetings at Linden Lab. Eight residents attend each meeting, chosen based on their participation in Second Life's community, as well as at least one in each group chosen at random. The residents will be brought to San Francisco for a day to meet with Linden Lab staff to discuss feature design and policy. Each group of eight residents will then become part of a larger advisory group.

Views Group 1

The first Views meeting was held on June 30, 2006. The meeting lasted all day and consisted of four key discussions on a variety of topics. Robin Linden covered much of the meetings on her blog, kicking off the event, as well as several notes broken up into four parts covering each discussion. Part 1 talks about "Physical Avatars" which consists of new animation features for avatars (a demonstration of this new technology was also given), part 2 covered LL's development process such as the preview grid and related topics, part 3 went over a few different topics, including open registration and land controls, and finally part 4 discussed user experience and how to improve things, a demonstration of the new Orientation Islands was also given.

The list of residents who were invited to attend the first SL Views meeting were:

Views Group 2

The second Views meeting took place during the SLCC on August 20th, 2006 and was a bit different from the other Views meetings. This time, around 20 people were invited with an application process being involved. Linden Lab also did not pay for flight or travel costs, expecting attendees to be those who are already flying in for SLCC. Only two discussions were held, lasting from 11-4 ("or so"), and were held at the Fort Mason Center instead of in the offices. One discussion was on XML-UI.

Views Group 3

Second Life Views 3 will take place December 7th and 8th, 2006 and will be closer to Views 1 with the amount of attendees being limited to 8. Further details have yet to be released.


Photos from SL Views 1:

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