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Founded: March 21, 2006, after being first mentioned on the forum by Vinci Calamari. A meeting point on Maryport has been set up by Angel Sunset on March 6, 2006 to host a weekly SL Linux Users Group (LUG) gathering. At the same time, a Second Life Linux User & Free Software Group wiki has been set up to collect and distribute information about the Linux alpha client, free software and the Linux community in general.

The first meeting took place on March 10, 2006 and was attended by 8 people for general chat.

Later, the meetings grew in size considerably, and the meeting place was redesigned to accomodate a stage for people to run classes and talks.

After a while the urge grew to install residents as additional group officers alongside to the Lindens running the group. A public nomination and vote was conducted, electing Zi Ree and ninjafoo Ng as representatives of the SL LUG. In the end of March 2006 they were officially promoted to group officers.

Competitions were started and prize money given out.

After the version 1.10 release being seriously flawed for Linux, the LUG decided to arrange a meeting with Karen Linden in the hope of raising awareness of the Linux community and getting some answers to the most pressing issues. The meeting was a great success with Karen being very supportive. A chat transcript of the June 7, 2006 meeting can be found on the forum.

In September 2006, Tofu Linden took over development of the Linux client, massively speeding up the addition of missing features, such as Copy & Paste, Audio and File Uploads.


Dale Glass gave a speech on Linux and GPG on April 22, 2006, continued on April 29, 2006.