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Alliance Library System started with the idea of creating a library in the virtual environment Second Life. Announced April 2006, the library system quickly was flooded with volunteers. The library began as a rented house on land of one of the Alliance Library employees. While the building was beautiful, the influx of librarians, all new citizens, equaled its accidental deletion. After spending a day finding a new building they finally settled with a design by C ______, a friend of one of the citizens involved in the project.

In order to communicate about the different areas of the project the library started a Group on Google, a blog, and eventually a website As of May 2006 the library resides on their own island, Info Island. Info Island includes specialty libraries, such as the Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Library, a Medial Library, and a library dedicated to science fiction. For more information about the effort, read "Enjoying Your First Life? Why Not Add a Second? Developing Library Services in Second Life," written by some of its founders. It is located at [1].