Search Window - "People" tab

Part of Second Life's UI, the Search Window (or "Finder" or "Find Window") allows a resident to search for different things, separated by tabs:

  • Classifieds - Search for advertisements only that are paid for by residents, listed based on amount paid, and can also be sorted by name of the ad.
  • Events - Search for events only as scheduled by residents, listed by time, and can also be sorted by name. Future events can be seen by clicking the arrows at the bottom.
  • Popular Places - Search for places listed by the dwell/traffic they get.
  • Land Sales - Search land for sale only.
  • Places - Search for places only.
  • People - Searching for people only and shows off-/online status; clicking a name brings up the resident's profile on the right. Can specify to search for only online residents.
  • Groups - Search for groups only.
  • All - Search all tabs with results displayed by the appropriate icon.

With Version 1.11 the "Find Window" was renamed to "Search Window" through-out the UI. This process began in Version 1.10.6 with the renaming of "Find" to "Search" in the toolbar.

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