Second Life Wiki

Slot Machine: Philip Linden

Fully Functioning Blackjack: Tcoz Bach

FPS and Mission Based FPS Games: Tcoz Bach (Nexus7 Arena, now The Vorago)

RTS Game: Tcoz Bach

Real NPC: Tcoz Bach (InfoBot in NexusPrime)

Pooltable: Tcoz Bach

Plinko: Dave Zeeman (before 02/26/03)

Snowball Game: Nick Fairlight

Fully Playable RPG: DarkLife

Chess, Majong: Xylor Baysklef & Co.

3-D Tank Combat: Project TEA - SL Game development competition - Hiro Pendragon, Milo Bukowski, Adam Zaius (Collateral Damage- Vehicle based combat was made in 2003 by Lance LeFay, but it was sucky, so it doesn't really count.)

First Successfull Gambling: When DarkWood opened in Winter 2003, wishing well! SL gambling was born!

RPG Game: Coded by Mark Busch for DarkLife

Game Made Purely In SL To Be Licensed In RL: Tringo by Kermitt Quirk

Skill Sploder After Gambling Ban Roberto Salubrius

Combat game using combo keys for making special attacks: Kyrah Abattoir (as far as i know) in Transylvania

Parachute / Skydiving Equipment: Al Bravo

Scripted Soccer Field: Roberto Salubrius