The west half of Scotopteryx is made up of protected land set aside for the Linden Highway Route 5. While Route 5 has not reached this area yet you can see where the area is set aside for its completion. The east side of area is taken up by a water front bay. Scotopteryx is the home of the Second Life Coast Guard's Shepard's Point Station. The command staff of Shepard's Point Station consists of Station Commander: CDR Miranda Frequency, Station XO: LT CDRTosh Morpork, and Station Command Master Chief: CMC Tkana Meiler. Shepard's Point is the Home of the SLCG Training Command Under The Direction of Rear Admiral Lower Half Jamie Czavicevic, The Staff of Shepard's Point Station are responsible for the Recruit training for the Second life Coast guard. The Office of the SLCG District 2 Commander CPT Rhea Czavicevic is also at Shepard Point Station.

Saunders Sky Ranch entrance is found nestled between the airstrip and sim boarder along the edge of the route 5 protected land. Saunders sky Ranch is a country and western dance club owned and operated by the Czavicevic and Saunders Families. Saunders Sky Ranch has several amenities including a BBQ pit, a small bar, sky diving, a rodeo area with bull rides and barrel racing and a full dance floor for your enjoyment. Saunders is a fun place to hang out with friends and dance. The Club hold contests Monday - Saturday 7-9 PM SLT with either a live band or a DJ. Below the Ranch is a small shopping area that has Rhea Czavicevic's Photo professional studio, Saunders Sky Prints, and Czavicevic Creations which sells various items from clothing to furniture.

There is a small dirt airstrip along the west bank of the bay. This airstrip serves as a utility airstrip for the region as well as an emergency runway. This airstrip is uncontrolled but well maintained by the ranch and SLCG station staff. This airstrip is the parking location for the Saunders Sky Ranch corporate aircraft, and has a free temporary parking for visitors to the ranch and Coast Guard station. Ranch or Station personnel will return any aircraft left for an extended period, please be considerate of others when using this free parking area.

The south end of the bay is taken up by the Czavicevic's Family home. The Czavicevic Family consists of Jamie and Rhea Czavicevic and their five Children Brooklyn, Kaylee, Bradly, Nathanial and Rebeca. Rhea and Jamie have a big extended family so there is always family or friends hanging out around the ranch or house. They are very welcoming and helpfull.

This is a wonderful sim to visit be sure to say hi To Jamie and Rhea Czavicevic if you visit.

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