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Sage was originally put up as part of the second batch of themed project sims. The "Little Tokyo" group gathered there in beta to develop a Japanese animation inspired village. Eventually the group fell apart. An attempt to re-energize it was made by changing the theme to a more modern "Neo Tokyo" and rebuilding the whole area from scratch, but it eventually failed as well.

Candie Apple moved in after the land was released, building an arabian palace that was used for Bingo events, and later an open air market was developed there by Lensey Roark.

In summer 2004, The majority of Sage was bought by Madison Gardner (original resident) and her partner Azreal Rubio, who later went on to form 'Out Of Time Architecture' in the autumn of 2004, Other current residents of Sage include Stillpink Sandgrain (original resident), Doranda Butler, and Willy Butler.

Historical Landmarks

  • Neo Tokyo