The Second Life Wiki is a Linden-run website that was originally intended to be a support wiki, answering technical and support based questions, but eventually it was developed by residents to include more general content as well.

Linden Lab has since announced (7/7/06) that it is replacing the SL Wiki with Lore, a PHP knowledge base system. The knowledge base should provide an easier way to submit questions and find helpful answers. This will also allow LL to keep things on the intended topic (which seems to be support) while also keeping things more organized. Only Lindens can answer questions on the knowledge base, which is a departure from the wiki in which any resident could answer a question, this does however prevent misinformation and "vandalizing".

An in-world help page was introduced with Version 1.10.1, accessed through the F1 key, and it is displayed through use of the built-in Mozilla engine. This help page covers many of the help topics presented on the SL Wiki as well as some that are not and is also much easier to navigate. This answers many calls from residents to put a better help system in place while also maintain more control over what is displayed than using the wiki would allow. The "F1 Help" is also more on track with what the SL Wiki was originally intended to be. For now it seems that the F1 Help is updated manually, but in the future it could possibly tie in to the knowledge base or be replaced with the knowledge base all together.

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