SLurl provides direct teleport links to locations in Second Life.

Clicking on an SLurl will bring the user to a webpage which shows a world map of Second Life with the location highlighted. Clicking on the map link will start the Second Life client (if it is not already started), and will automatically teleport the user to that location.


Before the advent of SLurl, linking to an in-world location took the following form:


Web users who did not have Second Life installed on their computer would get an error message from their web browser (as web browsers do not know how to deal with the secondlife:// protocol). SLurl fixes this problem by creating a page that displays the location and provides the web user an opportunity to register for Second Life.


The SLurl can be customized by including query strings which are passed on to the SLurl website. When combining elements, the first element should be preceded with a "?", and later elements preceded with "&".

  • Change the map window size:
  • Change the title:
  • Change the window image:
  • Change the window message:
  • Display your own web content by inserting an iframe:

On this wiki, you can use 2 simple alternatives to display the link easily and effectively. For a simple link to a SLURL, use Template:SLURL. For a nice-looking wide box positioned in the top right corner, displaying the SLURL properties (Region name, X coordinate, Y coordinate and Z coordinate) use Template:SLURL link box.