SLSN II logo


After the original SLSN Group was closed down due to a group hack, Two distinctive factions arose from the ashes,
racing to pull various displaced members of the original group into their new groups. 

These two groups are:

  • The Restored SL Sky Navy
The SLSN II was formed by two ex - SLSN Officers (Wedge Aabye, Eaton Nightfire),
in the hope of recreating the original group, but with more discipline, 

better technology, a useable rank structure, and a cooler looking logo (Quote from Wedge).

The SLSN II rapidly grew in size, slowly accumilating various members of 

the original SLSN and adding to their arsenal. Like the old SLSN, they specialize mainly in their Air and Fleet Division, though they also Have a Marine department.

SLSN II - [Fleet] SLSN II - [Aerial] SLSN II - [Marines] SLSN II - [R&D]

(Note to reader, from Wedge:) 'I got bored, so I stopped typing. I will finish this page later.. perhaps under the influence of drink.'

Hay Thar Wedge.