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Prokofy neva

Check out Proko totally rockin' the crazy mullet and the aviators!

Prokofy Neva is an SL resident, owner of the land rental business Ravenglass Rentals. He/she is also known for strong, passsioate opinions related to Second Life.


Prokofy Neva has identified herself, both at Second Life and in real life media, as Catherine A. Fitzpatrick (born 1956), a translator of Russian from New York[1][2]. Despite being female, she has chosen to play a young-looking male avatar. She has told the New York Times that she "doesn’t really care about how her avatar looks".


Prokofy was previously a resident of The Sims Online city Alphaville where he used the name Dyerbrook.

She was banned from all areas of the official Second Life forums except Classifieds in June 2005, and banned from the official Second Life blog in November 2006. Prokofy was un-banned since then.

Prokofy has been involved in the disputes related to Woodbury University group for several years, who have been reputated of tolerating griefers.