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The Poppins Challenge is a unique and interesting way to mark your rez day.

The challenge

It could be a symbolic thing to do on your rez day... you know...

jumping naked from the sky is symbolic of jumping into the unknown world of second life.

Or... alternatively - it could just be some silly fun.

Climb, fly or teleport up to a great height and jump [naked] with a Poppins Umbrella. Open your umbrella and float to the gently to the ground, snapping pictures or taking video footage as you go.

While the challenge started as a way to acknowledge Rez days, there are no real rules - residents can make the jump to celebrate any of life's moments.

The Poppins Umbrella is available from The Umbrella is created by Seagel Neville who advised that his Poppins Umbrella can be copied and transfered to anyone.

Share your celebration

Challenge participants may post still pictures and videos in a dedicated Flickr group.

Residents who have made the jump

Ordered by first name:

Alexa Trefoil, Athanasius Skytower, Atthosz Amiot, Bettye Dugan, Bone Mosten, Dandellion Kimban, Hazio Baum, Ilona Torok, Jessyka Richard, Joni Jameson, Loki Popinjay, Marx Dudek, Moggs Oceanlane, Moriah Cosmos, Osiris Pfalz, Peter Stindberg, Petr Vanbeeck, Raul Crimson, Rik Pfalz, Roxette Wise, Sammi Lomu, Seikatsu Koba, Shockwave Plasma, Siobhan Taylor, Tiyuk Quellmalz, Twinkles Thibedeau, Vextra Messing, Zippora Zabelin