Pony Linden

Pony Linden being ridden by a Linden Tester on the Beta Grid, April 5th, 2009..

Pony Linden was a gift unto all the residents, delivered to LL in fine packaging! Pony was SL's first complete Linden NPC (Non Player Character) avatar, and was scripted for residents to "ride" him. How does one know it's a him? His profile says so! Why a Pony? The residents demanded one free pony for all! And they got it! How does one ride a pony? Right click the saddle and hop on, use movement keys to stroll him around!

Pony Linden used to be often found in Morris. You could also get a notecard with a free saddle and animations by clicking a sign at the location, so you too could play "pony".

Pony enjoyed eating hay, apples, and sugar cubes and meeting girl ponies, and was also a master Event Planner.

Pony Linden largely disappeared from the grid around 2006, and was seen departing Second Life with Ben Linden in a 2007 machinima on YouTube. Pony later surfaced in April of 2009 during a test of the1.25 server software on the Beta Grid. Perhaps frustrated by the the lack of meaningful work and the inferior oats imposed by cost cutting measures, Pony left the employment of the Lab in August of 2010.

Editor note, we still don't have our Mule! --Ice

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