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Warning sign to those who enter

The Outlands were a group of four-and-a-half sims that were damage-enabled. The Outlands area was meant as a way to show off and explore the possibilities of SL's combat capabilities. The regions included in the Outlands were originally Hawthorne, Shipley, Stanford, Federal, and half of Clyde (which acted as a "changeover barrier" as well as housing The Outlands wall). Many of these sims allowed residents to buy land and build within them. Jessie was later moved over and added to the Outlands due to an influx of combat wanting residents.

As time progressed, more residents moved into the Outlands, but not for combat; rather, they simply wanted to live in peace. So, on 4/18/03, due to demand, the Outlands were transformed to non-combat and Jessie was broken up and sold off to residents. The Outlands wall was moved from the middle of Clyde (running north to south) to the far north side of Jessie (running east to west). This effectively ended the Outlands' existence.

The Outlands wall remained in Jessie for some time, but deteriorated with some parts of it being lost. It came up in the SL news again when it was used for posting protests and propaganda. Most of the wall is gone as of 4/11/05 but a small part of it still stands on the northwest corner of Jessie, still bearing the warning signs to those who dare enter.