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Sometime around 04/01/03 the sim Oak Grove was brought online. Oak Grove was part of the Themed Community sims where users got together to build different types of Themed Communities. The two Themed Communities that were built withink Oak Grove were the Wild West Town and the Native American Villiage, of which only the Wild West Town still stands.

Around 11/01/03 a Telehub was added to the south end of Oak Grove when the Vehicle Park sim's were added.

Historical Landmarks

Busy Ben's Vehicle Lot
Located in Oak Grove, it is home to many cheap and well scripted vehicles of all types from Boats to Planes and everything inbetween. A Landmark to Busy Ben's is also located at the Welcome Area as a guide to newbies on where to find their first great vehicle. Busy Ben's was added in November of 2003.
Wild West Town
The before mentioned Wild West Town was a Resident Work Project, where anyone was free to make contributions and help out and could get paid for doing so. Used as a way to give newbies some money to start off as well as experienced users who may wish to help build the Town. I'm not sure on the date it was started, but it seems to date back to Mid-January of 2003 and was originaly in the sim Zoe. When Oak Grove was brought online the Wild West Town was moved to the South West portion of the sim. Construction of the town seems to have stopped for now. The town has a mini-game where you can have shoot outs with other users, the land is No Fly and Damage Enabled. The area, particularly the "Saloon" building, is in disrepair and largely deleted. Work began in early 2010 to restore Wold West Town, but this work is still not public
Native American Villiage
Also mentioned was the Native American villiage which was a small villiage consisting of teepee's and a campfire among other items. It was located near the North East corner of the sim. Currently the villiage has been deleted and replaced by the Education Stage.