New Citizens Inc (commonly referred to as the NCI) is a PG Resident run help area for everyone created by Brace Coral in April 2005. It has become one of the largest mainland 'help areas' run by volunteer residents.

About NCI

NCI is a voluntary association, dedicated to providing information, education and assistance to Second Life users (new and old), in order to maximize the benefits that they can gain from Second Life. NCI provides guides, classes and events, tutorials, information, and sandboxes for new players as well as advanced classes for the more experienced. NCI believes that new users who are better educated, supported and prepared benefit all of Second Life. NCI does not operate for profit and is not motivated by any desire for monetary gain.


There are five NCI campuses:

  • NCI Kuula, the original NCI location - Kuula (71, 173, 28)
  • NCI South, adjacent to the South Welcome Area - Hamnida (227, 65, 112)
  • NCI Beach - Fishermans Cove (62, 195, 24)
  • NCI Caledon - Nova Civis Caledon Sim
  • NCI Caledon Annex - Caledon Highlands (157, 214, 39)


NCI classes include basic and advanced courses in building and texturing, clothing and accessory creation, scripting, and land ownership. Examples of other basic SL classes include Second Life 101, Using the Search Menu, Avatar Makeover, SL Consumer Skills, and New Player Q&A.


Brace Coral founded NCI in April 2005. Current Executive Director Carl Metropolitan took the reins in September 2005. His staff includes Deputy Director Tateru Nino, Deputy Director Garn Conover, Education Director Afon Shepherd, Freebie Director Nardok Corrimal, Events Coordinator Gramma Fiddlesticks, AdNode Coordinator Eric Boyer, AdNode Sales fr43k Paine, IT Director Yukiko Omegamu, and InfoNode Project Director Yumi Murakami.

Additional resources

  • The NCI website is VISIT
  • NCI Wiki VISIT
  • There is a free to join New Citizens Inc. group in-world.