Neualtenburg is the sim that has hosted the Neualtenburg Projekt since May 2005, when the lease in Anzere expired.

For particulars of the project, see Democratic Republic of Neualtenburg. For a list of articles related to Neualtenburg, see Category:Neualtenburg.



In summary, this section states that a faction is a group of citizens with common goals who run for seats in the Representative Assembly (RA) based on their general philosophy and future goals for the city. No citizen is required to be part of a faction and cannot be a member of more than one faction at the same time. Factions must have at least enough members to fill one half of the representative seats in the Representative Assembly. For example, if the Representative Assembly has seven available seats, a faction must have at least three members.

Active Factions

Inactive Factions

  • United Conservative Front (UCF)
  • Costume Party (CP)
  • Second Project Party (SPP)



Neualtenburg Elections 2006

Representative Assembly

The Neualtenburg Representative Assembly Vote The Representative Assembly vote is comprised of two separate votes. The first vote ranks individual members within a given faction and the second vote determines how many seats each faction will receive in the Representative Assembly. The highest-ranking members of a faction from the first vote are awarded seats earned by factions in the second vote.

Representative seats are chosen by means of the Sainte-Laguë method using scores generated by Borda-count ranked votes cast by citizens. The number of representative seats in the RA is equal to 10% of the population or seven whichever is greater. Each faction controls their seats and may replace members or fill seats due to vacancies as they see fit. Each seat receives a single vote.

Artisinal Collective

Every election cycle the AC leader or guild master is chosen from the pool of masters. Votes of the masters are weighted by the size of their workshop. A vote using scores generated by Borda-count ranked votes are employed.

Scientific Council

The Dean of the Scientific Council is elected by a simple majority vote of all members.