One of the original 16 sims and full of history. Natoma first was home to the "Linden City" built in Alpha as a test of the possibility of such a thing in SL. The city was built by Lindens and an outsourced contractor. It was deleted in the transition to Beta but, amazingly, one thing was left from the city: "The Man" statue. Natoma then became the location for the original Welcome Area which was given the nickname "Newbie Corral" due to its wooden fences around it. Also, the Arch'D Linden Grande was built around this time and is still there to this day. Avatar Central was also present at this time, giving sellers an easy place to setup items for sale, and a nice atmosphere for shoppers.

The Welcome Area and Avatar Central have since been deleted. The Welcome Area moved to Ahern and Avatar Central was deleted for 1.2 and the changes it brought.

One of the more prominent modern features of Natoma is the Ivory Tower of Primitives, one of the premiere and most respected in-world building tutorials.

Historic Landmarks

  • Avatar Central - A Linden-owned store where anyone could place goods for sale to the general public.
  • Welcome Area - Original Welcome Area was setup in Natoma, also known as Newbie Corral.(?)
  • Arch'D Linden Grande - A Linden owned/created arch. No information on purpose or construction date.
  • Natoma Boat Pond - Natoma Boat Pond.
  • The Man - The Man statue.

Current Landmarks

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