Mocha was supposed to be a themed sim, but it failed rather quickly. WizGamer LeFay was trying to gather a group to set up what would have been the first large-scale theme park in SL with working rides but he was unable to get enough people to buy the land and the project fell apart.

Candie Apple took up a very large amount of land in there, held events, and taught classes. When she then moved to Taber, Mocha's beautiful hills were flattened by the new Mocha residents.

Historical Landmarks

  • The Cathedral: Nephilaine Protagonist built a cathedral in northwest Mocha where people can go and light candles that contain messages of hope and grief. It is, like all of her builds, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful creations in Second Life, and was extensively discussed in the forums.
  • Omega Games High Roller Casino: Alek Wu built this on the southwest corner to look like a Mayan or Aztec temple. It was AmaOmega's second casino and featured high stakes and high rewards. It was transferred to Eggy Lippmann along with the rest of Omega Games in January 2004 and taken down in September 2004.
  • MochaStyle: Siobhan Taylor and Julia Curie owned this famous mall in Mocha. It was built in 1.1 but as the couple broke up, Julia deleted it. It was rebuilt and in April 2005 was sold since Siobhan Taylor left Mocha.
  • Happy Mocha: Damien Fate and Francis Chung's Japanese build is reminiscent of the old Yamato Temple in Dore. It was also built in 1.1 and is still standing.