• Voting Stations - Before dwell, there were voting stations. Short history and information, also included is history and info about Donation Boxes (bottom of page).
  • Linden Bears - vaguely collectible, individualzed bears available from Lindens.
  • Mule - The Mule was promised to residents during SL 1.2's announcement, yet to be recieved by anyone.
  • Hippo - The un-official-official mascot of Second Life!
  • Holiday Suns and Moons - For some holidays, Linden Lab will change the texture of the sun and/or moon to something fitting for that holiday.
  • Physics notes - Notes and selected numerical values on in-world physics.
  • Linden Scripting Language - History and documentation on Second Life's built in scripting language, "Linden Scripting Language" (LSL).