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The new Metaverse Messenger office

The Metaverse Messenger ("A Real Newspaper For A Virtual World") was a weekly virtual newspaper that was published in PDF format. Founded by Katt Kongo (Kristan Hall) and Phoenix Psaltery (Alan Seeger), the newspaper's graphical style emulated a real world newspaper, with a featured article, several different opinion articles, and various articles dedicated to unique residents, builds, and events. First published on August 9, 2005, the paper steadily grew to become a respected publication with a loyal fan base, including Philip Linden. A Teen Grid oriented Metaverse Messenger was also produced, though less frequently, headed by Jade Boxer and Jackson Widget. A real world version of the paper was produced during the week of SLCC in 2006 and 2007. 

The M2 converted to a blog format in late 2008 after the retirement of Phoenix Psaltery due to a RL illness. The blog did not seem to be as successful as the original PDF format, and the paper ceased publication in mid-2009.