The largest masses of non-island linked simulators in the Second Life grid that refer to Linden-designed continents.

Contempory usage includes referring to any non-private sim as Mainland. The mainland of Second Life is made up of several separate continents and island groups.

Linden Lab Mainland Continents.1024x1024.09.26.07

The Continents circa 30 Sept 2007


The original Second Life landmass has been alternately labeled, probably inaccurately, Linden.


The concentric atoll formation of this mainland island prompted later resisdents, not familiar with Magellen Linden's early discovery to call their home Dualatoll.


Jeogeot is the mainland island which began appearing in early 2006. As the seismic events progressed this island began to resemble Heterocera with a general shape surrounding a lagoon.

Located to the south of Sansara, Jeogeot has significantly less Linden owned right of ways than Heterocera and Sansara.

An alternative name for Jeogot, used in some scholarly studies is Bodem


North and east of Sansara and generally east of Heterocera, this island grouping is named for the abstract view of them derived in early June 2007, in which they appeared like a mother whale and her calf.


Lying north of Mãebaleia, this mainland area is a low lying, sandy landmass.


Currently the most northern of all continents, Corsica could be more correctly termed an island grouping, as no single mass presents itself as the main body of land.


Continent number seven. It is shaped like a peanut, has a green interior, and no rivers.