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Magellan Linden diving in Heterocera

Magellan Linden is a somewhat fictional character in Second Life. While the account of Magellan Linden exists, few (if any) residents other than Lindens have actualy seen Magellen other than from pictures. Magellan is also one of the few role-playing Lindens, playing the role of an old, somewhat blundering, explorer who sometimes works for an orginization known as LIER (Linden Inhabitable Environment Reconstructionists). Magellan made his first appearence with his findings in the Nova Albion area, taking several snapshots and documentation. He then later came into public eye again when the Heterocera continent to the north was found. Magellan actualy blogged his expedition from day one, with many residents following the story to get glimpses of the new continent. Later when sims in the Heterocera area were opened to the public, many landmarks from Magellan's travels could be found in the form of Linden builds. Examples are of Magellan's crashed plane, native "stick-house" buildings, and a large Heterocera temple. The story also gave backstory to the locations, such as the Heterocera natives being worshipers of Moth gods, living on water out of religious belief, and evacuating their villiage for some unknown reason. And it also introduced several other minor characters who made up Magellan's exploration team. All characters in the story are actual real SL accounts with profiles, but again haven't been seen by any residents other than through pictures.

Sadly Magellen's blog was never completed. The original intention being to have Magellen explore more and more of the continent, with the parts he explored then being released to the public. But due to a busy schedual and deadlines the story telling could not keep up to the release. So the rest of the Heterocera continent was released without Magellen. The last entry on the blog was part of a April 1st scavenger hunt set up by Ben Linden to show off screenshots of a "Renderer 2.0" that was in development, the hunt had many clues spanning across different locations and SL related websites, one clue was at the Heterocera temple and had a URL which led to Magellan's blog.

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