Lusk originally ended up being split between Jazzy Group, Luskwood, Sinclair Valen, and the Lusk Estates. However, mostly it is now owned by Luskwood and Lusk Estates.

In 2004, residents Chage McCoy and eltee Statosky have resurrected Lusk Estates from its disintegrating self. With a rebuffed charter, new roads, and a new group in control, the Lusk Estates have become a nice little neighborhood once again.

Luskwood, a forest with many tree houses and areas, remains in Lusk as well, serving as home to the Luskwood group as well as "Luskwood Avatars" among other items for sale. Luskwood Avatars have created some high-quality "furry" avatars which started a large trend through Second Life.


  • Lusk Estates - A small residential only neighborhood.
  • Luskwood - A nice forest and home to Luskwood Avatars.