Liv Leigh is a businesswoman and designer in the virtual world of Second Life, and a prominent member of it's sailing community. Having started her journey in Second Life working in a club in early 2007, she has since developed into a businesswoman who is involved in a number of in-world ventures and organisations.

At present (September 2008), she is owner of pleXus Art Gallery, together with boiboi Saenz, Wanda's handbags and clothing accessoiries and Commodore/sailing program manager for Tradewinds Yacht Club.


After the purchase of a house designed by the well-known Second Life sailboat developer Jacqueline Trudeau in summer 2007, Liv Leigh became an active and fanatic racer in the sailing community. In december 2007 she became race director for Tradewinds Yacht Club in the Sailors Cove area of Second Life, a function she held until she resigned after a management change in march 2008. Since she has been active as race director for Nantucket Yacht Club, based in the United Sailing Sims and Free Adriatic, on Second Life's mainland.

Liv Participates in sailing regattas on a weekly base, She was a quarter finalist in the 2008 World Flying Fizz Cup and has won a variety of regatta's, in most of the regularly used boat classes.

She is Commodore of Tradewinds Yacht club, which moved to the Dex sim in march 2009 and has access to over 300 sims of sailable waters close to the Nautilus and Blake Sea areas. Liv runs 2 weekly sailing relates events hersef: a regatta for Flying Fizz and one for Mirror Dinghies. The latter one can be entered by people using demo boats, which makes it very accessible to new sailors. Liv will continue to develop and lead the club's sailing program.

Presently Liv is also co-organiser of the Flying Fizz World cup 2009, the succesful second edition of the Fizz Cup, modeled after the real life ISAF Sailing World Cups. She works together in this with Bea Woodget, Taku Raymaker and Yuu Nakamichi.

Liv also writes the column 'Through the Looking Glass', an interview series for Metaverse sailing: [1]


As her alter ego Wanda, Leigh has started to focus on fashion at the end of 2007, establishing her in-world brand Wanda's to create women's clothing accessoiries. After the succesfull launch of a St. Valentine's day handbag early 2008, she has specialized in ladies' handbags. Though her store also features items such as boots, pasties and a range of themed items such as cheerleader outfits and medals for events.

Other ventures

Liv is co-owner of pleXus Art Gallery, together with Robyn Saenz. PleXus introduces modern art by Real Life artists, into the virtual world of Second Life. Most nobale is an exposition of Brazilian painter Luciano Martins, that has opened at the end of 2007. Together with her friend and businesspartner Zeena Dix she has owned a nightclub in Second Life for over 6 months, until it's closure in October 2007.