An attempt to develop an entire sim based on popular Anime and modern day Tokyo. Based in Sage as one of the second batch of Linden-supported themed sims, when closed was shared with Rose, the Star Wars themed sim.

The project maintainers spent more time in their closed sim abusing physics than working on the whole Tokyo part, such as making extensive rooms full of hyperpowered trampolines, perpetual motion machines, and most notibly, Torii chains over 20 links in length.

Before breakup, Little Tokyo included:

  • A High-School based on the stock japanese school system's design, but condensed to fit in a small area. (Group)
  • A theater for Little Tokyo funded events. (Group)
  • An open air market for selling anime and japan related goods. (Group)
  • A beautiful shrine (Archanox Underthorn)
  • Homes based on Card Captor Sakura, Tenchi Muyo, Fruits Basket, and a few others.
  • An arena for combat and "P-Chan" ball, styled like the arenas in the original Dragon Ball series.