This is a list of museums and galleries in Second Life

Museums Sim Coordinates
Art Center Avignon (143, 179, 490) SLurl
The Aho Museum NMC Campus (69,123,26)
Crescent Moon Museum Taber (198,97,21)
The Second Louvre Museum Tompson (153,96,100)
Second Life Science Center Info Island II (114,201,25)
Museum of Flip Animation Sphinx (202,115,21)
SL Computer History Museum Info Island II (225,51,23)
SL Historical Museum Phobos (216,166,32)
Bayside Beach Galleria - Museum Flyingroc Chung (72,124,35)
International Spaceflight Museum Spaceport Alpha (48,75,22)
SL Museum of Nuclear Warfare Xemia (68,222,22)
Tarot Card Museum Hantu (204,100,29)
Virtual Starry Night - Vincent van Gogh Second Life Luctesa (110,200,66)
The Neufreistadt Museum of Contemporary Art Neufreistadt (181,136,183)
Galleries Sim Coordinates
3000 AD Artist Colony 3000 AD (186,59,35)
Apple Gallery Wichi (229,160,32)
Ars Virtua New Media Center and Gallery Dowden (43,59,52)
Art & Numbers Oyster (15,117,91)
The Art Loft Owlet (229,59,101)
ArtsPlace SL Pak (113,24,117)
Blekinge Sculpture Park Blekinge (169,37,101)
Cayuga Gallery Cayuga (219,213,43)
Ceres Chenille South Shore Gallery Watarraka Park (195,162,53)
deborah's art studio Barton (197,15,129)
DH Gallery of Art Troy (236,221,44)
The Digital Femme Gallery Isla Bonita (236,93,23)
The Digital Femme Gallery Isla Bonita (236,93,23)
The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community Fender (79,143,24)
Enigmatic Artworks Infamy (35,207,41)
Gallery Freenote Tiatopia Island (113,62,33)
The Gallery of Independent Art Tangna (148,27,71)
The Grand Gallery Ginsberg (180,161,41)
Info Island Library Gallery Info Island (32,127,33)
Linden Gallery of Resident Art Kirkby (220,206,23)
The Muse Art Gallery Al Tang (65,206,65)
Muse Isle Gallery Muse Isle 982,113,30)
Mysterio Gallery Palomarian (23,241,55)
Osprey Therian Fine Art Bodega (242,113,49)
Oyster Bay Sculpture and Aquarium Oyster (32,166)
The Pencile Factory; Gallery of Interactive Art The Port (39,73,26)
Red Levitt Art Gallery Honawan (53,16,128)
Salome Artists Gallery Funadama (209,221,53)
SLart Gallery Tamarack (72,151,231)
Strong Visions Gallery Snafu (222,7,31)
Sunset Jazz Club & Art Center Sunset Arts II (112,183,21)
Tiphares Plush Alpha (32,237,691)
Towers Gallery Hang Gu (56,126,21)
Yxes Gallery Los Arboles (167,182,26)
Hutchence House Dangsan (77, 36, 44)
Yedo Sculpture Garden Yedo Basilica (213, 113, 26)
Phaedra Sands Gallery Laguna (145, 130, 25)
Submerged: An Undersea Gallery of Terrestrial Art Trelliana (24, 79, 0)
Velasquez Meninas 3D gallery Cimarac (244, 85, 23)
Grabilla SecondLife gallery Grabilla (1, 1, 1)
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