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The following is a list of Second Life military groups. Military groups in this article are defined as groups which partake in armed combat with one another, using scripted weapons, generally using non-push, damage bullets, both in the form of small arms and vehicles. Many of these groups are self-reported, have no independent verification, and should be taken as uncorroborated hearsay.

If you would like to have armies added or details changed, please say so on the discussion page.

Current Faction

Name Status Year Founder Current Leader(s) Base location
2142 Active February 2007 LordBob Boa, James Benedek LordBob Boa Westminster
Alliance Navy (AN) Active March 2005 Mazer Ludd Iolol Hax, Jim Herbst Eridanus
Ark Heavy Industries (Ark) Rebuild 2010 Clix Diesel Clix Diesel

Atlas Defense Industries (ADI) Active Jan 2013 Moriarty Static Moriarty Static, Tych Voyager Five Stars
Chaos Indivism (Chaos) Active 2013 Hadet Sonnenkern, Others Hadet Sonnenkern, Others Devoted
Colonial Defence Foundation (CDF) Active ---- ---- ---- GummiVille
Coercion Combine (CC) Active Oct 2012 Adonis Cobalt, Jabun Nyoki Adonis Cobalt, Jabun Nyoki Jadeite
Megiddo (M) Active ---- ---- ---- Nusquam
Merczateers (Mercz) Active ---- ---- ---- Merczateers
Raven Raiders (RR) Rebuild ---- ---- ---- Reality
Regeneertz Imperialibus (RI) Active ---- ---- ---- Axores
Silver Hawk (SH) Active April 2009 Bicket Burt, Corwin Lockjaw ---- Rising Fire
Soldiers of Darkness (SOD) Active ---- ---- ---- Eagles 3
Vaelkyr (VLK) Active Oct 2010 Drevus Valerik, Nihil Cyannis Drevus Valerik The Sanctuary
Vox Aeron Imperium (VAI) Active Jan 2009 Kitlongtail Kitlongtail VoxAeron
X-Corp Armed Forces (XAF) Active ---- ---- ---- Nauru Bay

Defunct Factions