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The Linden Dollar (notation: L$) is the virtual economic currency in Second Life. It is also commonly represented as "L" postfixed or prefixed. "K" is sometimes used for thousands of linden so, 1K is 1000L.

Currency Existence

It has no official physical representation in-world, although many residents have made their own version of how they think the L$ should look. L$ can be traded for USD (United States currency) and vice versa via the LindeX service, or by other services, some of which are reliable, but many are not.

Slang Terms

Starting in late 2005, some residents began referring to Linden Dollars as ellz. The are also called linden.

Some terms for specific amounts are:

  • dime for 10L
  • ken for 50L
  • C for 100L
  • grand for 1000L

In November 2006 Linden Labs began releasing metrics on Linden dollar amounts on the SL website.