LEO Damone is the ex Dragon Honor Army commander, now Valkyrie Alliance commander.

LEO Damone began his SL military career as a grunt in the powerful Black Fire Army. At the time of his joining, Black Fire was already declining fast, having lost most of its members and land holdings. Since it was his first army, LEO applied himself fully towards it, fighting alongside legendary figures such as Jin Amos, leader of the Black Fire Army, and Laroca Mostel, the Black Fire Army's second-in-command, and later to become a high-ranking officer of Black Talon.

After the collapse of Black Fire, and the "suicide" of Jin Amos, (it was later discovered that his suicide was a widespread rumor, he had simply quit Second Life), LEO found himself lost. Seeking to establish some purpose for himself, he founded the Dragon Honor Army with Clarko Burrel, who shared similar interests.