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Kissling - The Architects Hill

Set on a hill and surrounded by water, Kissling overshadows Boardman and Perry.

Glory Years

In the early beta, Kissling was considered the metropolitan area. Many 16x16 squares (cells) held buildings that reached the sky. The building style of the era were similar to those of the Chicago school.

Around the time of open beta, Charlie Omega moved out of certain Kissling blocks, allowing for a change of suroundings. A new class of architect moved in, each with a varied style. Art deco, post-modern, and other varieties sprang up, but clashes between tastes and attitudes lead to serious griefing.


picture courtesy of Charlie Omega


Development stopped when several warring factions created 'prim banks' allocating 100% of the availabe prims. Tempers flared and griefing continued until Linden intervention was necessary.

After intervention, the 'prim banks' were disbanded, but people continued to secretly horde prims and architectural development never resumed to its previous level.

Kissling griefer

An Example of kissling griefer tactics

The residents of Kissling would work with Lindens to stop the griefing, but sometimes creative solutions were necessary.

Kissling solution

An example of a creative solution to griefer tactics

No Resolution

In the end, the majority of the land was bought up by the Kissling Land Holdings group, consisting of Cal Rogers, Buck Weaver, Joan Nomad and Harald Nomad.

Kissling has since been constructed to a smaller downtown enviroment.

Griefers still exist who continue to disrupt the peace of Kissling. No resolution has yet been reached.

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