Jarod Godel

Jarod Godel (real name, Andy Burton) joined Second Life in early November 2003, having learned about it from both the Garage Games forums and Epitaxial Playfair's LiveJournal (though, this was actually before Epitaxial Playfair officially joined). Jarod Godel has lived in various sims, and currently resides in his 4096sq/m parcel in Zoe, supported by his Life Account.

Jarod Godel predicted that Second Life would end around April 24, 2006. His prediction did not come true.



  • Scripted a text-based calculator
  • Created a simple, math-based Lisp dialect known as LSLisp


  • Became the first in-world, Second Life blogger (Second Log)
  • Created a graphical, integer-only calulator
  • Created a searchable imge display/vendor
  • Jury-rigged an email-IE-based MP3 player controllable within Second Life


  • Prototyped and displayed the code for an early, physical prim-based virus (Although the code could only create one new copy at a time -- due to problems with an llListen overlap -- it proved that a self-replicating, physical prim virus could be an effective means of cross-sim attack.)


  • Discovered and published a way to use GL Intercept to snag textures in video card memory
  • Created an in-world WeatherPrim terminal for accessing the seven day, Weather Bug forecast.
  • Created a way to control iTunes from within Second Life


  • Used Quicktime and llHTTPRequest to create an in-world Flickr stream.
  • Programmed a simple, functioning XML parser in pure LSL.

Alternative Avatars

  • Kerovia Galatea
  • Sandra Knight

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