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James Benedek is known for his helpful and nice attitude, extensive commitment to helping Linden Labs and others via : mentoring, welcoming and teaching new residents, updating and reproducing listed bugs on the Jira (


  • Joined SL on 10/19/2006
  • Quit Second Life 26/10/2008.
  • Builder.
  • Scripter.
  • Texturer.
  • Founder of 2142.
  • SL Mentor.
  • SL Mentor Buddy.
  • SL Mentor Coach.
  • SL Bug Hunter.
  • Havok 4 beta grid tester.
  • Open Grid Public Beta tester.

Second Life profile - James Benedek


  • Mentor Messenger HUD - A HUD that lets the Second Life Mentors be informed where help in Second Life is Needed this is only available to official Second Life Mentors and is currently in - Beta 0.3.
  • Red Cross Island
  • Hazzard County South
  • Gridnaut Avatar - An avatar made for SL Open Grid Public Beta testers or Gridnauts.
  • Capture the Flag - James Benedek created and regularly updated a capture the flag with all the main and well known SL combat groups on it.
  • Real Damage Bullet - A bullet that detected hit points on an avatar and emitted damage on an avatar depending where it hit(100 damage = head, 50 damage = chest to waist, 20 damage = waist to feet).