James argonaut is one of the early beta members, initially entering in late march 2003, then later after account deletion during beta sweeps, reactivating his name on 6/2/2003. He has participated in many outstanding builds and creating many great scripts.

Builds -

His initial work was on a kissling isle sky scraper during its metropolitan era. His work was on the glass tower to the right, not yet finished in this picture.


picture courtesy of Charlie Omega

On the outskirt of kissling resided his personal skyscraper, the argonaut building.

Kissling hotel

Kissling hotel, next to the canadian building of Kato, one of the creators of safezone combat, also a scripting student of James Argonaut

He also participanted in the building of the Kazenojin tower, build 1 and 2.


He was also reknown for his fabulous airships, one of which still stands docked at the kazenojin air dock.


His most recent building project, spawning both an SL newspaper feature and ranked #1 castle sim by secondlife in July 2006 (1), was the city of Tor.

Sim tor1

View of Tor from the sky


James has done various scripting work, noticable mentioned are the first car script with acceleration curves, and the Torian combat system, which was slated to replace safezone combat in Laura until it was put on hold in July 2006.