Islandia is comprised of several blocks of mainland sims initially purchased in January 2006 by Anshe Chung. Unlike private estate projects, Islandia was a part of the mainland auctioned by Linden Lab and presented as fullly terraformable to the seller. Chung's purchase, and subsequent terrforming, was considered controversal.

Islandia is located to the East of the Sansara. It is broken into two parts (known by some as North Islandia and South Islandia) and connected to the mainland by Void Sims.

It has also been referred to as Nerevoyde. This is possibly due to its closeness to The Void. especially in earlier days.

Northern Islandia Sims

Northern Islandia sports a patchwork of different topographies, from island to snow. Many of these regions are named after real world tropical islands.

Southern Islandia Sims

Circa October 2007

Southern Islandia has a largely homogenous topography, consisting only of sandy beach set up in a uniform grid. Sim names tend towards the name of either artists or older Second Life residents.


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