Hiro Pendragon's
Shop and Dojo
Varney 200,200

All kind folks are welcome to visit Hiro's tranquil Japanese-style plot in Northeastern Varney. Rich Japanese tradition flows into its artistic buildings that commune in harmony with the SL Park setting.

Hiro moved into Varney in early February 2004, right after 1.2's great land rush. JRL Industries provided funds to buy a 2k piece of land right on the water, formerly the northern end of the Varney Boardwalk. Hiro did not terraform, and instead chose to build his Japanese-style shop in harmony with the landscape, on granite stilts over the water.

Hiro's two story shop was accompanied by a sushi bar, still under construction as of 1.5.5.

A waterfall and bridges were crafted by the talented Higbee Protagonist, SL Park Ranger. This earned Hiro's land a place in the SL Park Registry.

A battleship is tiered to the docks that extend over the waterway, a first-day build of Hiro's.

After 1.5 Hiro expanded his land to a total of 4.5km^2, expanding part-way up the mountain and a small 512m piece of land to the east.

The land has much still to be done to it.

Varney HiroPen

Hiro's Shop and Dojo, March 2010